Online Backup Summary

Our Online Backup service provides peace of mind by securing your data off-site, 7 days a week. Backups are encrypted prior to upload and again during transit from your offices to our data centre. Online backups are most commonly used for server data but can also be used for individuals such as mobile workers that require a reliable set of daily backups.

Unlike some alternative backup solutions, ITXpress utilise the latest technology to provide reliable enterprise grade backup solution using delta files. This allows us to seamlessly backup and restore various forms of data including:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL Databases
  • Hyper-V and VMware Virtual Machine
  • Lotus and Oracle Data
Optional Backup Services - FREE with Server Support

Data Collection Service (Seed Load) -  £67.50
Our data collection service includes the physical collection of data from your office or place of work where the data set is too large to be uploaded over the internet. We would normally recommend that any data sets beyond 25GB is too large to be uploaded over ADSL and slower internet connections. An engineer will be appointed to provide an external hard drive in order to collect the data which will then be used to create the initial backup set (seed load).

Restoration Service - FREE or £43.75 /hour
All backups are available to download for restoration purposes online. When assistance for more technical restoration procedures is required, we are always available to help at our standard hourly rate. Data restoration required as a result of a Ransomware infection may be chargeable in addition to server support depending on severity.